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You have chosen the perfect wedding destination for a wonderful Hawaiian wedding and honeymoon!
We would be honored to be part of your very special day.
Our Hawaii wedding planners are on hand to personally assist you with every detail so that you may enjoy your special day!

Royal Kalia Wedding specializes in Beach & Wedding photography in Hawaii.
We offer you many different romantic and unforgettable wedding packages to personalize your special day.
You may also choose from a variety of wedding options. See our wedding photo packages.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.

Wedding Packages

Find the perfect wedding chapel & church for your dream wedding in Hawaii. Have a fun planning your memorable Hawaii wedding!

Beach photo tour

How about a wedding in a beautiful beach?
Hawaii's sky and sea is an unbelievably brilliant turquoise. Please experience an affordable Hawaii wedding on this glorious beaches.

Special Packages

Our special packages will help you design your perfect wedding. Dramatic mountains, lush landscaping and a secluded beach provide the perfect bliss for your wedding!


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